My opinion on sex, marriage, and children

My opinion on sex, marriage, and children.
I personally want to wait to marry my boyfriend until we are together for about  5 years because  stastics say people  together for 5 years before  they marry have lower rates on getting divorced. My parents waited almost 9 years before they got married and they have been together for almost 19 years and yes I was born before they got married. Now on to sex I don’t believe  you should  wait til you are married  to have sex but I do believe you should have sex with someone who is worth it and means something  to you, not have sex with some random douche or a whore because you are annoyed that everyone of your peers have lost their virginity or you are getting teased about still being a virgin .  You don’t want some lame story about how you lost it or something to make you look pathtic or easy. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and he lost his to me, we were only dating for 5 months at the time but we have been together now for almost a year and a half which to be honest isn’t that long but I do plan on marring him one day. Lastly children, children are a wonderful thing if you are ready to have one and when I say ready I mean emotionally, mentally, and phisically. Do I think you should wait till you are married, no but I think you should definitely put some thought into it. At this point in life for me I am physically ready I have an amazing job and get paid a lot more then anyone my age and a lot more then most people older then me but the other 2 I’m still not sure on. I want children that I know but I still kinda want to spoil myself and my boyfriend and have a good time together before we add another to the equation.