Things so far

Well here is how my life is going my best friend hates me, my puppy seems to be impossible to potty train, I’ve been sick all of January (I doubt this bipolar whether is helping),my birthday is in exactly 19 days and I have a tattoo appointment in 10 days.
With the best friend thing she is pissed because she was talking to my roommate, I told her I was sure how that would end and let’s just say it didn’t end at all because it never started, but now it’s all my fault blah blah blah.
Next to the puppy I deep clean my entire bedroom yesterday and Blizzard had peed all over the damn bedroom, under my bed, in my dirty clothes basket,  like I mean everywhere and it’s not like we don’t take her outside a lot or she doesn’t have a puppy pad in my room but she is only 10 weeks old she will get it eventually.
Next I have been sick like seriously all of January and most of December and I use to not get sick I don’t know what happened to me. Like I don’t have the sniffles or anything like that,  no I have an entire body sickness, I have a headache, sore throat, I black out when I stand up,  I feel nauseous, my muscles in my body hurt and so do my joints and seriously I’m almost 19 I shouldnt be complaining about my joints.
My 19th birthday is coming up and I have to work all day on a Monday of all things and my boyfriend has to work all night instant depression. Hopefully I’ll be no longer sick.
Next My tattoo appointment sooo excited to get my 4th tattoo and will be my largest tattoo ekkkk. I’m getting a huge rainbow rose on my calf, it’s going to be so beautiful.
Lastly me and my boyfriend’s relationship gets harder and harder things don’t go as planned or things tend to mess them up but some how with us hardly seeing each other we still some how make our relationship work and we get stronger and stronger everyday.