People let us be!

So me and my boyfriend are always getting asked when are you two getting married or when are you two going to have kids? Well here is my answer to that, we will get married we we feel like it we have both agreed we are just going to get married because we have been together for a couple years,  we want like 4 or 5 years together before we get married plus we want our wedding to be absolutely amazing so we need to save and plan a lot.  Now on to the child thing, we will have children when we are good and ready, and we aren’t going to have children for awhile I mean we barely have time for ourselves and each other muchless a baby. Long story short we are happy where we are in life most 18/19 year olds haven’t even accomplished the things we have.  We live on our own, we have jobs, we have been in a stable,  healthy relationship for a year and a half,  we both are thinking about going back to school this coming summer, we travel, we drink…..responsibly, we hang out with our friends,  we both have our own trucks and we just have fun with our life we don’t want to add complications or another human being in our relationship at this time.