2 shots in my ass within a week

Tuesday I woke up all itchy and notice I had a rash on my ribs, showed my boyfriend and he said I probably got bit by something and I’ll be fine. I went to work and it just kept itching then the back of my neck felt itchy and my co-worker told me it was on my neck now, so I went to the bathroom and noticed it was now all over my tummy and my legs and now starting to go down my arms and across my sholders. I then went to cvs and got benadryl thinking I might be having an allergic reaction to something and it didn’t work. I went to the doctor and he told me I had a stress rash and prescribe me meds. When I got the meds the first thing I did was go on Google and check the side effects, for the pills he prescribed  were for hives and my cause anxiety ( if I have a stress rash why would you prescribed pill that make cause anxiety and that aren’t  hives). I took the pills anyway hoping that might fo something but instead they made my vision blurry, gave me a head ache, made me nauseous,  and all tighter made me feel like crap so I stopped taking them. A few days later I was informed that it was a heat rash by a friends ex and just to wear shorts and go swimming in cold water or something and it will go away, I did just that and it went away. Then Saturday night I could barely walk I was in so much pain my lower back was killing me and apparently I have a strained muscle in my back from picking up my 4 month old 35 lbs pit puppy who isn’t so little anymore. So within a week I got 3 shots in my ass and 3 sets of pills to take. Oyyy vay am I just falling apart or what and think I’m only 19 wait till I really get old