Tounge piercing


So i got my tongue pierced Friday around 5:30 and I have had lots of questions on it. First off no it doesn’t hurt to get pierced, it is a slight pinch if that ( I drooled a lot, but that’s normal as long as you are relaxed). After it was pieced I was told to take motrin as needed, suck on ice, and to rinse my month with biotene every time I put something in my mouth ( lots of people said they heard you couldn’t smoke or eat certain foods but I don’t think that is correct I wasn’t told not to by my piercer shawn at third energy…. I was told to try to avoid beer and if I’m going to drink, drink hard liquor which is perfectly fine with me). First day around 10ish pm I tried to eat french fries and I kept biting the ball of my piercing and it didn’t exactly hurt but it was irritating so I stopped eating. Second day my tounge was soo swollen it hurt to talk, I did as directed and took care of my piercing some of the swelling went down enough to be able to talk still was a pain to eat unfortunately.  Third day the swelling was going down but was still swollen. I was starting to be able to eat more normal food around night time. The fourth day I was eating fairly normal and not really swollen.  The fifth day my tounge wasn’t swollen if so it was noticeable and I ate my first burger since I got it pierced, I now eat slower but that’s because I’m worried about bitting the ball and I’m just being extra careful. What I recommend is as soon as you get your piercing ice it and to take motrin,  if you can make it pass day 2 and day 3 because I know i barely did, I had so many thoughts about taking it out but you will be perfectly fine. Just make sure you take care of your piercing and once again ice it, it will help you a lot and you will be so thankful.