One of my friends said something to me about tattoos that I just couldn’t believe and now I’m wondering if others think this way? He told me he isn’t going to get piercings anymore because they hurt well they are healing but tattoos will only hurt while they are getting done. I was in shock that he said that and I immediately corrected him, since I have both tattoos and piercings. Tattoos take at least three weeks to heal,  you have to constantly care for both tattoos and piercings,  and while they are healing they both are going to be tender and sore. You have to constantly keep it moisturize and wash it twice a day and piercings have to be cleaned twice a day until you think it’s healed then a month longer. Piercing and tattoos both need to be clean and taken care of so please think before you get either, if you don’t take care of either one of them you can get a huge infection, so be smart before you get one.