The story of us

My boyfriend and i have been together for 2.6 years, high school sweethearts, each others first,and each others true love.

We dont have a normal every day couples getting togther story, we arent a normal couple, we are just us, goofy,dorky,fun us.

We offically met our Junior year of high school, but he knew of me since freshman year, i on the other hand didnt know him at all. His first words to me ever were “hey Barbie” one of my nicknames in high school ( obviously because im a tall, thin blonde with big boobs) never though twice about it because everyone knew me as barbie i waved in the direction the voice came from and continued walking. (I found out years later it was him and he was crushing on me but didnt think he stood a chance with me)

So back to junior year i started dating this new kid in my history class not because i liked him but because my best friend was obsessed with him and wanted to date him but he had no interest in her and wanted to date me (lucky me) so she dated him though me and his best friend was of course me now boyfriend (they met on the Get bus) and of course i couldnt stand his best friend, he was annoying and loud and rude.

Me and this kid dated for 2.5 months before i finally ended it (in high school it seemed like forever) i was so miserable, he was inconsiderate, mean, and controling (which i am never controled)

While me and this kid dated i started to become friends with his best friend while because he was always there, and when me and his friend broke up he decided to he was going to be more then friends, started hanging out with me during lunch, going to lunch with me and just always there for me.

It was only 3 or 4 days after me and his friend broke up and he was at magic mountin (which i was suppose to be at with him if i never broke up with him) (no hard feelings though)he saw his chance, so after school he kissed me and took of running, yes running like a little girl and then avoided me almost all day the next day until i found him after school.

When my ex found out he was Furious and yold us both to knock it off, but why would i listen and he was already sprung. Last day of school he asked me out (it was like a week or two since me and his best friend broke up) and i told him no, he was shocked but i didnt qant to jump into another relationship one so fast or two someone i didnt know very well.

Over the summer we hung out, went to the movies, lunch, ice skating, pretty much anything just to be toghter, because frankly i was falling for him. Right before senior year he got the courage and nervously he asked me out again his exact words “will you be my girlfriend?” Words a girl never forgets when she finds her one and true, true love and no hesitation i said yes of course. I was so happy i couldnt shake the stupid smile of my face and in that moment i knew…..