My opinion on the death penalty

Disclaimer: Before i start this, this is my opinion nothing more nothing less, please do not take offense to this.

The death penalty is a hard thing to think about to some people, its taking a life and i do agree but i also agree that some people dont deserve to live.

For example: i think pedophiles should be sentanced to death, why do i think this you might ask, its because children are being molested and raped for the pure pleasure of adult who should know better then to violate an innocent child. A child who might not have someone on their side, a child whose been abused, who should have at least the law at their side. A child is a precious and trusting thing that gets taken advantage of more then it should and children are so scared to come forward and tell someone or they have told someone and they dont care or believe them. They need someone!

For example: i think rapist should be sentanced to death man or woman and yes i said woman its rare or at least men dont report being raped but it happens. Anyone taking against their will and they have said no even if you are in a relationship it is still classified as rape! Rape is a serious crime that a lot of people dont take as serious as it is. Women and men are scared to go outside especially after dark because they are afraid of being abducted but someone.

For example: i think murders should be sentanced to death, someone who can take a life out of cold blood shouldnt have one. You can say send them to jail, jail will fix it but statistically 68% of Parolees end up back in jail within the three years. Most people who are willing to take someones life dont care and it doesnt effect them and they will do it again.