Thinking about having a baby

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 years ( exactly 2 years 11 months and 8 days) (btw download “been together” an amazing app tells you on your lock screen how long you and you significant other have been togther) anyways we help raise our God- daughter who is almost 1 and are starting to think it’s time for us to have a little one. There is so many things to think about though and it’s so hard to get one on one time with him between our friends,hobbies, and work. I’m getting my birth control taken out next month and then I guess we shall see where it goes. I’m super excited to be honest. I’m obsessed with babies we have names picked out already and we already have decided what the nursery theme will be for a boy or girl. What I think is one of the best parts is one of our couple friends is trying to get pregnant as well, so we will have our moral support group! ūüôā well that’s all for now will keep you updated till next time .