Top 4 Things you need to do if you are planning a pregnancy 

1. Sit down and talk to your significant other about important  things such as…….                      – finances -child care -religion -God parents   -expectation -how you plan to raise your child -priorities -fears

2.cut back on……                                                          -drinking -smoking -drugs  (prescribed or not) -weight -coffee -energy drinks -soda -tea

3. Start saving babies are pricy.                                 The baby shower will cover a lot but you will still need stuff I wouldn’t recommend buying stuff till after the baby shower if you just need to buy something you should buy………….           -bottles – pacifiers -Nipples for bottles -Diapers (can never have to much) -Lotion -body wash -formula -Wipes -ect

4. Start taking prenatals or daily vitamins.            -high in folic acid (400 micrograms) -iron          -calcium