Birth control rremoval 

I am so bad at updating this thing I swear haha.

So I had my birth control remove. It was a decision me and my boyfriend made together and we decided that’s what we wanted. We wanted to have a cute bundle of joy while we were youngish so they would graduate high school before we were old. 

Recap on things me and my high school sweet heart have been together now 3 years 2 months and 2 days. We are both 20, although I’m about to turn 21 in 4 months and some odd days. We have been seriously thinking about having a baby for a year or so. 

I got my birth control removed  ( i had the implantation)  on the August 15th and I was so scared because when I got it put in it hurt so bad I started crying, not the actual process but the Numbing medication hurt, but luckily for me the changed the medication so it didn’t hurt to bad.

I’m still not pregnant but at the same time we aren’t  really trying it’s kind of if it happens it happens type deal. I have been babysitting and help raise babies since I was 12 years old and I know I will make a good moma and I know my boyfriend will be a good dad even though he is super scared. 

He really wants a boy like so bad that’s all he talks about its really cute haha and I just really want my baby to be healthy.
Tell next time xoxoxoxox